Forté Agent v2.0.652
and an assumed threading bug

(how Forté Agent v2.0 behaves with different threading settings)

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For a clean environment with factory setting, create a new Agent v2.0 installation in a new folder.

Accept the license agreement:

Choose the option to start Agent in full mode:
(WARNING! With Free Agent you can neither create folders nor import messages, so to reproduce the bug described below you need a full mode Agent)

Insert a valid RegKey to continue in full mode:

Insert a fake news server, just to go on:

When asked to go online, you can answer no (for our example we won't need it):

Right-click on the group pane to create a new folder:

then name it:

In the General Preferences, set the threads to automatically expand (for ease's sake):

Now, import the messages of this thread (thread1.txt) from "File" menu -> "Import Messages..." ; don't change any setting:

In the "Message List Pane" you'll see the imported thread:

Now, in the same way, import the second thread (thread2.txt).

You'll notice that the first thread is now messed up, the 4th and 5th post and the 6th and 7th post swapped place:

So far, so good... now for the best part...

Select all messages:

hit "Delete", put them in the trash bin:

Now, in the settings, deselect "Enable threading by subject" and "Start a new thread when a follow-up subject changes":

Import again the first thread:

now, take a look at what happens importing the second thread:

Those two messages, from the first thread, have both moved to the middle of the second thread; apparently with no reason (References don't explain this behavior).

Now, delete again all the messages as before, and back to General Preferences. Select the option "Start a new thread when a follow-up subject changes":

Import again the first thread:

and then the second thread.

Here's what happens:

A new thread is started, as if there were no References.

Now the last case.

In the General Preferences, select only the option "Enable threading by subject":

Import the first thread:

and the second:

Again, those two posts have moved from the first to the middle of the second.

I can't understand, you draw your conclusions.

These two threads are real ones, from the same newsgroup, still on some news server (surely on Google Groups), with no crosspost, no followup-to.

The hitch happens when the 12th message is imported (if you want to try and import all the single messages one by one, you can find them, in chronological order, in this file). No problem whatsoever before that message; when it is imported or downloaded from a server, the first thread is always messed up. The References header seems correct.

I'm currently using Agent v2.0.652, I don't know if it has been fixed in newer versions. Comments are welcome.

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Comments, suggestions and bug reports are of course appreciated.

Many thaks to Gandalf and Trev for english translation of this page.

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