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OpenPGP Digitally Signed HTML


This logo can be copied in your web site and freely used, but only in pages which have been OpenPGP digitally signed using the procedure described in the tutorial.

The HTML code which should be added at the bottom of any signed page is:

<A HREF="http://tjl73.altervista.org/HTML_sign_tutorial/tutorial_en.html" TARGET="_blank">
<IMG SRC="OpenPGPDigitallySignedHTML.png" WIDTH=118 HEIGHT=45 BORDER=0
 ALT="OpenPGP Digitally Signed HTML" TITLE="OpenPGP Digitally Signed HTML"></A>

but any other code may also be fine, provided that the image sizes are large enough to make it clearly visible and that there is a link to the page with the description of the procedure used to apply the OpenPGP digital signature to the HTML source (mainly, to make things more clear for the visitors of your pages).
You are also kindly requested to add the sentence "OpenPGP Digitally Signed HTML" in both the "ALT" and the "TITLE" tags.

If you prefer a smaller logo (e.g. 88x32 px), you can use the same image with a smaller size. This can be accomplished changing the values of the "WIDTH" and "HEIGHT" tags, so to obtain a suitable logo.

An example of the result, applied to the same image, is:

IMG SRC="OpenPGPDigitallySignedHTML.png" WIDTH=118 HEIGHT=45     OpenPGP Digitally Signed HTML

IMG SRC="OpenPGPDigitallySignedHTML.png" WIDTH=88 HEIGHT=32     OpenPGP Digitally Signed HTML

Or, it is possible to use a smaller image, created for this aim (I thank Roger Sondermann, for providing it):

IMG SRC="OpenPGPDigitallySignedHTMLsmall.png" WIDTH=88 HEIGHT=32     OpenPGP Digitally Signed HTML

You are kindly requested to use no other images but the ones on this page. I suggest you to use such logos with the above described sizes, so that they can be clearly readable. Thanks.

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